Cancer is not a single entity, but collection of a multitude of disease processes, unique in their sites of origin, rates of growth, patterns of spread and their final outcomes. Abnormal and uncontrolled growth is the only thing they all have in common.

Cancer often begins in a single cell that gets transformed in a step-wise manner, by various environmental and genetic influences. Smoking, pan chewing, consumption of alcohol, unhealthy dietary practices, obesity and lack of exercise have all been implicated in this sequential transformation of our normal cells into cancer cells. Contrary to popular misconceptions, heredity has a relatively minor role to play in these developments. Cancer is never contagious too.

Cancer is eminently curable, if detected early enough and adequately treated in time. But we have to go a long way to achieve this dream, as statistics say that nearly two thirds of all cancers in India are detected in advanced and often incurable stages.

New Breakthroughs

Cancer is a complex disease. It's management is equally complex. Recent discoveries in science and technology have revolutionised our understanding of this disease, and have shattered many age old dogmas. Better co-ordination between treating specialities and evolution of the Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Team has become the backbone of any modern cancer treatment center. Treatment related quality of life issues have also emerged to occupy the limelight. The heroic ablative surgeries of the past have given way to conservative alternatives with better functional and psychological outcomes. Cutting edge technology has lead to precision radiotherapy. Newer pharmaceutical developments and targeted agents now aim at improving treatment tolerance without compromising survival.

KIMS Touch A Life Foundation

'KIMS Touch A Life Foundation', operates under the KIMS Trust for the aid of cancer patients undergoing treatment at the KIMS Cancer Center. The foundation aims to improve their quality of life.

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Touch A Life Cancer Insurance

In view of the increasing number of cancer cases, we have developed Touch A Life (TAL) Cancer Insurance scheme which insures one for treatment at KIMS, God forbid, if diagnosed for cancer in future.

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