Preventive Oncology

Cancer incidence is on an alarming rise. Many environmental factors are held responsible for this increase. Unfortunately, many of these factors, like pollutants in atmosphere, soil and water and background radiation are beyond our power to avoid altogether.

Procedures & Treatments


Adopting healthy life style practices like complete abstinence from the use of tobacco and alcohol, avoidance of excess meat, processed foods and animal fat containing diet, inclusion of more of fruits and vegetables and regular exercises are all important steps in the direction of a cancer free living. Some cancer causing viruses may be kept away by vaccination.

Certain individuals may be recognised to have high risk of some cancers, based on strong family history and genetic testings. These individuals may go for frequent screening tests, and in extreme situations, even removal of a normal organ at risk of developing future cancer, as Angelina Jolie did by removing her normal breasts.


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