KIMS Touch A Life Foundation

14 Jul 2020 | 4

KIMSHEALTH Touch A Life Foundation‘, operates under KIMSHEALTH Trust for the aid of cancer patients undergoing treatment at the KIMSHEALTH Cancer Centre.

Unlike the treatment for most diseases, cancer treatment is usually done in episodes which can last for several months. Some of our patients require concurrent modes of therapy as well.  As the treatment progresses, some patients find it challenging to pay for treatment services. Some of them are senior citizens living on a minimal fixed income for whom, even monthly purchase of medicine is a financial burden. The need to support these patients during their treatment has propelled us to set up KIMSHEALTH Touch a Life Foundation.

You can be a part of KIMSHEALTH Touch A Life Foundation by

  • Contributing to the General fund.
  • Sponsoring a specific number of therapies for a patient.
  • Contributing regularly to the fund on a monthly basis.

Financial contributions from people like you will go a long way in making a difference in the lives of these patients and we will be highly obliged to you for your support. Please note that donations are also eligible for tax exemption under section 80G.

We invite each one of you to contribute generously to the fund and support the cause. To contribute or to know more about the foundation please contact us at info@kimscancenter.com

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